Prof. Felipe M. de Leon, Jr.
Chairman of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts

Chairman de Leon received a B.A. in Humanities from the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman. His graduate studies were Fine Arts (UP College of Fine Arts, 1973-74), Composition and Music Theory (UP College of Music, 1974-75), Musicological Studies (Madras Music Academy in India, 1976-77), and Philippine Studies (UP College of Arts and Letters, 1989-91). He is the current Chairman of the NCCA and the Head of the NCCA’s Committee on Intangible Heritage and National Committee on Music and Commissioner of the Sub-Commission on the Arts.

He was the former chairman of the humanities department of UP Diliman. During his term as the Department Chair, the Department made a major shift from a Eurocentric to a World Art approach, with emphasis on Southeast Asian and Philippine arts. As Commissioner of the National Commission for Culture and Arts, he delivered a series of lectures on Philippine culture entitled "Philippine Development: A Cultural Perspective" at the Center for Pacific Asian Studies, Stockholm University on May 2, 2006; "Approaches to Understanding Philippine Culture" at the Philippine Embassy on May 3, 2006; and "Management by Culture" in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 4, 2006..

He specializes in the humanities, aesthetics, music theory, Philippine arts and culture, Language and Social Transformation, Semiotics, Mythology and Institutional Dynamics, and Accompanying People's Movements. He is active in promoting and preserving Philippine indigenous musical forms, such as musikong bumbong. In 2003, he was project director of the First National Bamboo Music Festival.